BSC Construction is able to help you renovate or construct your dream residential or commercial property. Here’s what you need to know about our abilities:

  • We are a specialised wet work contractor.
  • We can completely tear down or completely build up a property from scratch.
  • Our services include demolition, structural works, bricks, roofing, painting and follow-ups.
  • All projects include proper planning and project management to ensure speedy completion.
Renovation Company


From leaky faucets to giant leaks, we can fix up, patch up, replace damaged or rusty piping, and professionally solve your plumbing problems.

Renovation Company

Wet Works

Our workforce specialises in various wet works, ranging from tiling, block walls, brick walls, skim coating, plastering, cement screed, and more.

Renovation Company


It’s no surprise that we’ve built our company from being specialist renovators who can do extension works, kitchen cabinets, bathrooms renovations, tile installations and repairs, internal and external paint works and much more.

Renovation Company


It’s not often your roof breaks down. Still, suppose it needs changing after decades of stormy, rainy weather in Malaysia. In that case, we can help you replace your roof and ensure your home's interior and structural components are intact.

We meet up with you to understand the scope and design requirements.

We present our rough costing based on the given design and see if there are ways we can meet the budget should it exceed the limits and highlight any concerns we may have about the design in question. 

Our team will come back to you with proper planning and timelines to agree on the project deliverables and the estimated time when the project should be completed.

Should the design, dimensions, materials and project timeline be agreed upon, we begin work by setting up the site, ensuring delivery of items and staying on-site to supervise the design and overall construction of the project.

Once the building works and renovations are done, we will go through and ensure that the workmanship is up to par and highlight areas that may need improvement. Should everything work out perfectly, we’d still provide the necessary support 6 to 12 months from the project completion date to keep your mind at ease.